Fraction Action, Pt. 1

Pt. 1 because this is only day 2 of our fraction study and I suspect there is much juicy content to come.

The prompt was something like “Michael bakes a piece of garlic bread and wants to share it equally with his 3 sisters. Show how they can each get an equal share of the bread.”


The way kids think about fractions is both fascinating and sometimes perplexing to me. Does he know he there are 4 people sharing and 4 equal parts are called fourths, and then just forgot one in his haste to draw? Does he think the fractional units for 3 equal parts is “fourths?” Hmm.

Side note, we did some fraction folding today and boy, were thirds and sixths HARD. Not much progress on that front. We did discover an important relationship among halves, fourths, and eighths that made folding easier – and transferred to partitioning on a drawing too. So far they have described the relationship like this: “fourths are halves, doubled; eighths are fourths, doubled.” Again, hmm.

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